Bead Swap Challenge

Everyone's creations are so beautiful!

Here's what we did:

 Cheryl made this pendant with
the beads she got from Frances

 Eva's wire wrapped necklace and 
the beads she got from Carol

 Frances' rockin' lariat made from
the beads she got from Cheryl

 Judy's perfectly beaded bezel made from
the beads Colleen sent

 Laurie made all these beauties from 
the beads she got from Mary

 Mary used the beads Laurie sent to make this stunner 
between trips to Cleveland

 Even being sick, Norma made this lovely necklace
with beads she got from Rosalie

Rosalie made this gorgeous and creative set 
from the beads Norma sent her

Carol used the clasp she got with 
her beads from Eva as a focal - clever 

 Here are the beads Judy sent Colleen but
we don't know what she did with them

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