I Found It! Found Object Challenge

The term “found object” comes from the French objet trouve, and means: a natural or discarded object found by chance and held to have aesthetic value. The challenge was to find something and recycle it into a piece of jewelery.


Carol bezeled a decorative picture hook for a pendant and fastened it to her CRAW chain with a backpackers' carabiner.

  Eva must have been beachcombing again. She caged two pieces of sea glass to make this attractive necklace and coordinating ring.

 Judy peyoted this amazing bracelet for her husband with hex nuts - and he loves it. You wouldn't believe how beautifully this piece drapes.

Norma found the iron ore ball that she caged for this necklace on a railroad bed which is now the Greenway Trail (a walk/bike trail) in Austinberg, Ohio.

Rosalie really got into the spirit of finding things and made 3 pieces of jewelery from found objects. She found this metal cameo of a vintage lady at a flea market and framed her with beads for a pendant.

 Rosalie found these steel 1943 pennies at a yard sale and used them with turquoise pebbles in this cool bracelet.

Rosalie tumbled and wrapped this glass that she found by digging in her grandmother's old dump site.

After seeing Koby's runway jewelry exhibit at KSU Museum, Bonnie was so impressd with the boldness of the pieces and the way he had constructed them in layers, that she imitated his style in this necklace put together from flea market and hardware store finds.