More Pictures...

Here's what Mary's been doing... nice work Mary!

One of Mary's favorite pieces is this bag designed by Deb Bergs and published in her "Inspirations Beaded Bags " pattern book. Mary designed the fringe and strap and stitched the bag with Delica beads, one bead at a time. One side is the little girl, the other side is a geometric panel.

Now that was a LOT of work!

First "Picture This" Posts

Diana had made a bracelet that was too big for her, so she made a second one in her size and added flowers and some sparkle. It's loaded with color and shapes and fun and is her go to piece for this summer!

This choker, made it for a Bead Mavens challenge, is one of Bonnie's favorite pieces but was purchased by someone who saw it during construction so she never got to wear it. Boo Hoo! :-)